About us


Expect Magic Trucks. Expect Excess Capacity.

Sometimes our customers ask us if we have magic trucks. Honestly, I so wish it were the case that we had magic trucks – what better reason to partner with us than magic? We don’t have magic trucks though – we have human capacity and good old fashioned tireless hard work.

Have any of the other brokers you work with – the top 3 national firms – ever told you a shipment can’t be moved because of “no capacity?” What they mean is no human capacity – we don’t work those hours, that’s too hard, we don’t work weekends, we are not staffed for that – they are not talking about truck capacity though. Surge will never tell you “no capacity” because it’s never the case. This business never stops working so neither do we – so really, go home, it’s covered. It might seem like magic, but, it’s just our commitment to you.